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Roderick Stewart Interview
I just want to let the fans know that they've been a great support to the series and I thank them so much

- Hello Roderick Stewart and thank you for your time for the Fans.
- Good Evening Mr. Bernd Lorenz and thank you for having me in your interview

- Roderick , When was the time you know you want to be an actor?
- Since the end of January of 2019 after I had left my job at the Savannah Airport area, I had decided to do my own thing and get in the film industry; that's when I wanted to do background acting and gained experience to it.

- You worked in one of my Favorite series. "Fear The Walking Dead" How did you get cast ?
- I had got casted by a casting company which was Bill Marinella Casting.

- Which caracters did you play?
- I had played as one of the bandits from Marty's Gang.

- Working in Fear The Walking Dead, What is the first what you remember when you look back on set?
- When I look back on set, the only thing that I just remembered was that me and the rest of the members of Marty's Gang had to shoot the main characters (Dwight, June, & Sherry), plus the zombies as well.

- When you look back is there something special you can share with us?
- I would have to say that it'll have be using the rubber guns on set and pretend that you're shooting the main characters and the zombies all in one.

- Roderick you also work in some other Projects when i look at your Facebook. Where do you also work for?
- I had also worked on Council of Dads, Ozark, The Underground Railroad, Christmas In Pine Valley, A Jazzman's Blues, The Girl From Plainville, Devotion, Panhandle, Manhunt, A Christmas Prayer, Not Another Church Movie, May December, & the list goes on and on.

- What will we see next from you? Any projects/movies/series?
- I will continue working in more and more projects and may also hop into voice acting. Not yet on any of the projects/movies/series; hopefully soon when I see a film project come up, I'll be ready.

- Is there any dream role or actor/actress you would loved to work in the future?
- I wouldn't mind working with Michael Jai White on a film in the future.

- Is there anything else you would like to let TWD Fans and your fans know?
- I just want to let the fans know that they've been a great support to the series and I thank them so much.

- Thank you being my guest Roderick Stewart and best wishes for the future. I hope to see you one day in Germany.
- Thank you so much for having me once again in your interview.

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