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Nicolas Dozol Interview
Norman Reedus is an incredibly nice person

- Nicolas , When was the time you know you want to be an actor?

I don't really consider myself an actor, even though I've appeared in front of the camera in several films and series.

I mainly direct and write films. I'd say that as a child I was attracted to cinema by acting, and then I discovered directing. I was lucky enough to be able to start directing films under the guidance of professionals from the age of 14th years old.

I then continued my studies in the field of dance, starting at the age of 3 years old. With dance I learned to interpret different roles and then I started to work in series and films as soon as there was a need for a dancer. This is how I discovered professional film sets.
Since then, I've continued to work on various productions.

In parallel, after my dance studies, I continued my studies at a film school in Paris for three years, then directed 10 short films, and I've just finished my first feature film, which was presented at the Locarno Film Festival and had its international premiere this month in Los Angeles.

- 2023 you worked in one of my Favorite series. "The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon" How did you get cast ?

I saw an ad on the internet looking for dancers for a project concerning a big American series that will be filmed in France. I didn't have any more information when I sent in my application.

Then, after a first selection on file, I received an invitation to attend a casting.

On the day of the casting, I learned that it was "The Walking Dead", and I was very surprised because there had been no official announcement that this show was going to be filmed in France.

In groups of 50th, we went before Greg Nicotero, who gave us directions and asked us to interpret the walkers' walk.

Then we waited about three weeks to find out if we'd been selected.

- You played different Walkers. What was your personal highlight and why?

There were so many powerful experiences throughout the two seasons.

If I had to pick just one, I'd say the explosion sequence in the castle (in S1EP2 at 47:40 min) was really impressive.
There were so many dust following the explosion, which was repeated several times, that I ended up in the infirmary to clean my eye.
Luckily nothing too serious. It's an experience I'll remember for a while I think haha.

- Working with Norman Reedus and the Main Cast would be a dream for many fans. How was your experience on set?

Norman Reedus is an incredibly nice person. He greets and say “Hi” to the whole crew every day, even though there were so many of us, and he thanked us several times for our work.

There was a really good atmosphere among the whole team of walkers.
We all had a very great time, even if the days were long and tiring.

- With a role in TWD Universe comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first The Walking Dead fan experiences?

First I discovered the universe through the comics I borrowed from the library.  
A few years after the first season was released, It was
13 years ago, as a teenager, I discovered the first episode of "The Walking Dead".
I discovered the series when I bought the DVDs of season 1 haha. Streaming platforms weren't yet the way to discover new releases at the time.

I never imagined that one day I'd find myself on set, in front of a camera, in this series. 
It was really crazy and took me a long time to realize that I was part of it.

- Nicolas, you not only an actor you also worked as director, Filmmaker and write scripts. What´s your favorite part?

I love developing a project from A to Z.
The first idea with the elaboration of a script then the imaginary becomes reality.
That's the magic of filmmaking.

- What can you tell us about "Last Party"?

"Last Party" is my first feature film which I wrote and directed, currently in distribution.
The project took 5 years to complete, produced by the young Swiss company Lights Rush.

A mystery coming-of-age story, part horror, part fantasy, part thriller, “Last Party” takes place during a high school graduation party where four teenagers in the midst of an existential crisis are confronted with their angst. When they suddenly find themselves locked up, they wonder if it might be their last night ever. The movie is written by 4 screenwriters, choreographed by 28 long takes, giving the illusion of a single real shot and was shot in just five days.

The first theatrical release took place in Los Angeles this month.

- You have many projects on IMDb. What will we see next from you? Any projects/movies/series?

I’m currently developing several movies and series projects.
The idea is to try to continue working with the United States on projects that will be shot in Europe.
These are mainly genre film projects.

Otherwise, I'm still shooting in a few films and series at the moment, but I can't tell you the titles now for confidentiality reasons.
I'll be back on stage with the Opéra de Paris in May for the ballet "Giselle".

- Is there anything else you would like to let TWD Fans and your fans know?

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the whole team for hard but rewarding one-year shoot we all enjoyed together. It was such a formative experience that I'll never forget.

And thanks to all fans who keep the show alive.  

Thank you very much for the invite!
All the best.


Nicolas Dozol "

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