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Helena Chavez Interview
I was a swamp walker and a member of the Gearheads

- Hello Helena Chavez and thank you for your time for the Fans.
Hello and thank you.

- Helena , When was the time you know you want to be an actress?
After retiring from a successful 26-year law enforcement career I was looking for something completely different. I stumbled across a set and thought, "why not." This was in 2021.  

- You worked in one of my Favorite series. "Fear The Walking Dead" How did you get cast ?

I initially applied and was selected as a swamp walker. I also applied and was selected to be a soldier but due to COVID, I had to pass. When the call came for a Gearhead I applied and was selected.

- Which caracters did you play in the series?

I was a swamp walker and a member of the Gearheads.

- Working in Fear The Walking Dead, What is the first what you remember when you look back on set?

The weather! Filming in southern Georgia is definitely a challenge. Weather ranges from miserably hot, humid and buggy to freezing cold! Luckily the friendships and connections you make on set make it all a lot better!

- When you look back is there something special you can share with us?

We were shooting a small set scene on Coleman Domingo's birthday, we all got to sing him happy birthday-it was really special. Also, the day it poured rain  and Ruben Blades offered to share his umbrella! All of the main actors were super friendly, as a fan of the show  it was truly spectacular to work with them.

- With a role in TWD/FTWD comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first The Walking Dead fan experiences?

I have been a fan of shows since their inception. Our group (the Gearheads) was asked to throw out the first puck at a local Hockey Game. I also met some fans a small film festival where I was asked to share my experiences. it crazy when people want to take a photo with you!

- Never say never in the TWD Universe. Will you come back ,maybe for an Tales of TWD Episode or Dead City?

Absolutely! It's a great production and a fun time on set!

- What will we see next from you? Any projects/movies/series?

I recently worked on Juror Number 2, which is directed by Clint Eastwood. I am also working with Film Buildings LLC, a filming location/property firm based in Savannah, GA. I get to show properties to production teams and residences to some of the main actors. 

- Is there any dream role or actor/actress you would loved to work in the future? Working with Clint Eastwood was definitely high up there but in the TWD world, I would love to work with the OG's- Danai Gurira, Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus.

- Is there anything else you would like to let TWD Fans and your fans know?

Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there! 

- Thank you being my guest Helena and best wishes for the future. I hope to see
you one day in Germany.

Thank you. I travel to Germany quite often so you never know!


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