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Jason Cone Interview - I got to hold Madison Clark at gun point

Hello Jason Cone and thank you for your time for the Fans.

Hi Bernd and thanks for the interview request, I'm happy to answer a few questions for you!

- When was the time you know you want to be an actor?


Well.. Fear the Walking Dead was actually my first time ever!  I'm a huge Walking Dead fan and when I heard FTWD was moving production near me in Georgia I decided to try and get on the show.  I actually applied to be a walker originally, but due to my size I had to go on a diet and make a few lifestyle changes for the better.  After 3 months I was booked to be a featured background "Gearhead" and it was an amazing experience!

- Jason , you played Multiple roles on Clean Slate Comedy Series, thats right?  


Correct, I believe the first season will be 8 episodes and I worked on 4 of those in various roles.  It was a cool experience and I got to be on set with Laverne Cox.

- You also worked with The Walking Dead Actor Jon Bernthal and Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor as Back Ground Actor. How was it work in "Origin"? 


Simply AMAZING!!  What TWD fan wouldn't want to be on set with Jon Bernthal right?!  The director Ava DuVernay was amazing to be around, the whole crew was super nice, food was great.. definitely one of the best experiences that I have ever had!  You should definitely watch it, a portion of the movie was also filmed in Germany.

As a big The Walking Dead Fan you get the chance to work in Fear The Walking Dead. How was the moment you realize that you in the show?


 I was sitting at work one day and I received a text message stating that I was booked for Season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead, and I first I couldn't believe it.  Then I started receiving text and emails about testing and fitting for wardrobe.. that's when it hit me it was for real!

- You work as one of Luciana's "Gearheads" at her gas station outpost.Is there something you can share with us about working in the series? 


Honestly it was a dream come true for me, I live in Georgia where they filmed TWD and have been to soo many filming locations and met several actors.  I mean I got to hold Madison Clark at gun point on camera, mind blowing   All of the main cast was soo nice to us and really made it the ultimate fan experience for me, I will forever be grateful for the experience!

- With a role in FTWD comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first The Walking Dead fan experiences? 


I have always said TWD fan base is the best there is!  It has all been positive experiences for me soo far.  One thing that stands out to me is I was at an event talking to a few people and someone came up to me and asked if I could please sign their piece of paper, that was special to me.

- Jason, you are like me an autograph collector. What is your personal Highlight so far?


 I absolutely love collecting TWD comics and autographs!  I have numerous signed pictures, posters, comic and Funko Pops but my showcase piece is a Walking Dead #100 variant comic graded 9.4 with 21 cast autographs on the cover.  Top names include Jeffrey Dead Morgan, Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan and Danai Gurira... it is my wow factor piece

- What will we see next from you? Any projects/movies/series? 


 I have a few projects coming out soon including working on Clint Eastwood's Juror #2 that recently wrapped filming, super excited about that as I'm a huge Eastwood fan!

- Is there any dream role or actor/actress you would loved to work in the future?


Really other TWD actors would be amazing, maybe Andrew Lincoln in a spinoff show??  Also I'm a huge Dolph Lundgren fan so that would be awesome too!

- Is there anything else you would like to let FTWD Fans and your fans know?


Just keep being awesome, TWD fan base is the best!  And if you see my cosplaying at any of the conventions in Georgia dressed as my FTWD character,  come up and ask for a picture Stay active in TWD community it means alot to people!  

- Thank you being my guest Jason Cone and best wishes for the future. I hope to see you one day in Germany. 


Yes sir, thanks so much for asking for the interview.  I have really enjoyed it and I really do hope that I can make it to Germany one day for a visit!  Good luck with future interviews!

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